Admissions and Standardized Testing Workshops

In recent years... 

  • Admissions competition has increased 
  • Test scores are more important than ever 
  • Standardized tests have changed and continue to evolve  
  • Test preparation continues to change along with the tests 

It is no longer enough to fill out a handful of applications and hope for the best. Students and their families need the guidance of experts to make the most informed decisions and find the college where their student will find the greatest success. 


Our Workshops

Nexus Academics will arm you with the information necessary to confront the application process without fear. In our workshops, you will hear Nexus’ president and founder Jacob Feldman speak about the various challenges of college preparation and the necessity of preparing early. In addition, we will administer diagnostic SAT and ACT tests to each student, which our experts will analyze in order to help craft the most effective application plan for all students.

Workshops include sessions on college admissions, interview preparation, standardized testing, mindfulness for testing success, advanced test-taking strategies, the Common App Essay,  and the power of personal narrative. Students will take home a personalized schedule for applications and testing, a preliminary college list, a detailed diagnostic test analysis, an essay draft and a personal resume for applications, scholarships, and summer activities.