Nexus Workshops


Led by our expert consultants as well as world class leaders in the fields of testing, college admissions, and educational research, our workshops will guide you and your family to the answers you have so desperately been seeking. Let us help you succeed!

In recent years... 

  • Admissions competition has increased

  • Test scores are more important than ever

  • Standardized tests have changed and continue to evolve

  • Test preparation continues to change along with the tests

We travel to you

Our workshops can be held anywhere in the world, and a small student-to-instructor ratio allows us to offer flexible scheduling and tailor our program to each group of participants. For information on upcoming workshops, pricing, and any other details, please fill out the form on the contact page.

ADMISSIONS and Testing


It is no longer enough to fill out a handful of applications and hope for the best. Students and their families need the guidance of experts to make the most informed decisions and find the college where their student will find the greatest success. 

Nexus Academics will arm you with the information necessary to confront the application process without fear. In addition, we will administer diagnostic SAT and ACT tests to each student, which our experts will analyze in order to help craft the most effective application plan for all students.

Workshops include sessions on college admissions, interview preparation, standardized testing, mindfulness for testing success, advanced test-taking strategies, the Common App Essay,  and the power of personal narrative. Students will take home a personalized schedule for applications and testing, a preliminary college list, a detailed diagnostic test analysis, an essay draft and a personal resume for applications, scholarships, and summer activities.

Common Application Essay

In addition to GPA, standardized test scores, and AP courses, one of the most important elements of a successful college application is the Common Application Essay. An compelling essay can be extremely difficult to write and is often a significant obstacle in the college application process.

Nexus Academics' writing intensives are designed not only to help you complete the essay but also to do so with authenticity and a focused sense of purpose. Through dedicated time with our tutoring professionals, you will be able to accomplish in one week what many students struggle with for an entire summer or more. 

College Success

Dr. Jonathan Lewis leads a Nexus Workshop on College Success for recent NYC Public School Graduates

Dr. Jonathan Lewis leads a Nexus Workshop on College Success for recent NYC Public School Graduates

Enormous resources are spent getting our students through high school and into their undergraduate programs. Then, we ceremoniously leave them at the dormitory door and let them fend for themselves.

But are they truly prepared? What tools have we provided for them, especially given the enormous paradigm shift they are about to experience?

The multitude of challenges that they face is daunting, and our College Success Workshops will help them tackle them armed with the right weapons: confidence, courage, and connections.